“I’m perfecting a new form of denial, which I hope will be named after me.”

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my doctor always compliments me on my excellent health and diet
i just ate a slice of pizza and a donut and i’m about to go see him
how ironic

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Holding on for dear life- I feel ya buddy.

Holding on for dear life- I feel ya buddy.

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 She assembled the perfect group; smart, loyal, admiring and compassionate.
The perfect group for what? 
For a  s o c i o p a t h  to manipulate.

Ziva David → Jeopardy (3x22)


girls don’t like boys girls like 30k smut fics and grilled cheese

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|| Michael Weatherly @ Nautica Malibu Triathlon - 09/14/14 » Pics uploaded HERE

When you wanna do something and that little impulse goes off in your brain and says "Ooh, don’t do it!", you gotta go for it. That’s how you’re gonna be the person you wanna be. - Lady Gaga

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Do you ever wonder what went through Ziva’s mind the first time Tony cupped her cheek right before he kissed her. For the first time. For their first real kiss.

On second thought don’t do it. Do not imagine the sheer amount of emotion that must have overcome her at that moment. It will destroy you.

HOWEVER, If you do go there (which I assume that most of you already have anyways), just imagine it in the context of post-season 10 AU set on one of those nights spent on Tony’s couch, watching movies, eating takeout and going through a bottle of wine or two, as seen in numerous overly cliche fics (which you know you actually like especially in these times)


I’ve said these words a thousand timesthe bathroom mirror stopped and smiledso take my pulse and hose me downmy hearts on fire.

I’ve said these words a thousand times
the bathroom mirror stopped and smiled
so take my pulse and hose me down
my hearts on fire.