“I’m perfecting a new form of denial, which I hope will be named after me.”

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I did lose hope. But you know, I’d get it back.
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omg do it

I would but I have so much Photography to do and I need to edit the video with Steph and ughhH

Anonymous asked:
But her HAIR she have long hair again Jeeez she looks like princes in Disney movie that's funny

I kinda want to make an Aladdin AU? Idk she looks like Jasmine.

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Anonymous asked:
When will you upload that Q and A with Steph? I am excited to see it.

Good question

I have photography work I keep putting off that I really need to do

But it’ll be up before the end of the week for sure, I promise! 

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prettyyyy ladyyyy xo

why thank you 

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shout out to Jessica’s double chin for cheering me up

glad the chins and i could help out 


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Haven’t straightened my hair since I cut it 🙈

Haven’t straightened my hair since I cut it 🙈

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Cote De Pablo in Israel (x)

I have something to say
but I can’t say it.

So how about this, instead.
How about I never saw you coming.
Walking through July like
it was a ring of fire and then you.

You in all your morning glory.
You with the lighter fluid in your mouth.
You on my doorstep trying
to sell me a new security system,
smoke in your teeth.

I know the stories. Someone
is always leaving in them, so here,
take a copy of my keys.
Leave your coat. Make this harder
than it has to be. Make this
a disaster because you know I
live for that.

I was napping on the couch when
I dreamed that you got on a plane
and left.

I think it was a nightmare,
at least until you called from the
airport and begged me to come
meet you, then maybe stay forever.
I said yes.

And I know it’s not right,
to say things like this, so I’ll
only say it once.
Listen closely. Are you listening?
Bring your ear to my mouth.

I would follow you anywhere.
I would.
God, I would.

Caitlyn Siehl"What You’re Not Supposed to Say" (via alonesomes)
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