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"Tat sends me painful songs I cry over, and I made a beautiful kissing gif set that will haunt me when I am sitting in hell crying over my otp." - Tat (eagerplatypus)

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Dauntless is the cruelest of the five. They tear each other to pieces. We are the only faction that could divide like this. Amity would not allow a schism; no one in Abnegation would be so selfish; Candor would argue until they found a common solution; and even Erudite would never do something so illogical. We really are the cruelest faction.


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How Sophie sounds to Eliot, Hardison, and Parker

3x11, The Rashomon Job


#told you that position was not a good one to try ms david #your cosmo magazine lied #well tony we have three other pages of positions to try if you think you can be of service #tiva #rage i need my otp back

we want a happy ending, we can’t give up

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It’s like we’re stuck in a giant fishbowl. I used to have fish. Goldfish. But then one of them got sick and the other one…the other one ate him. Did you even know they did that, goldfish?

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Favorite character meme  || three emotions [2/3]
"Is everything good?"
"Everything’s good."
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And I let you go.